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Zhejiang Keente Motor Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in April 2010. It is a "high-paying technology" enterprise engaged in the development and production of special motors. It has obtained 14 national certifications. The company has the right to operate its own import and export. The main products are induction motors for refrigeration compressors, high-pressure motors for refrigeration compressors, low-voltage motors for refrigeration compressors, magnetic suspension high-speed motors for refrigeration compressors, permanent magnet synchronous motors for refrigeration compressors, reluctance motors for refrigeration compressors, Air compressor induction motor, air compressor permanent magnet synchronous motor, water-cooled vacuum motor, water pump motor. The company is located in Yaozhuang Town, Zhejiang Province, close to Shanghai. It enjoys a superior economic and technological environment, convenient traffic and transportation conditions. Strong strength in production and testing, following the environmental policy of "pursuing continuous improvement, creating a green enterprise", the quality policy of "striving for perfection, pursuing excellence", paying full attention to the training and education of employees, the quality concept of continuous improvement, and paying attention to all employees. Invest in quality activities to continuously improve performance and implement the quality management system. With excellent quality, reasonable price, accurate delivery, and excellent after-sales service as the starting point, the company provides high-quality and efficient services to customers at home and abroad. Be positive and enterprising, and constantly strive for perfection.

Company vision Create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, and create benefits for society
Core values Clear goals, correct methods, firm will, and go all out